Following an evaluation of technology serving leisure tour operators and travel agents, Marriott has determined will no longer accept new reservations after October 31, 2021.
Operators with a valid ARC/IATA/IATAN/TIDS/CLIA number can access to book reservations.
In addition, operators can also access Marriott inventory throughout the world through Expedia’s Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP). If you have not already signed up with Expedia TAAP, you can do so via and request support through
Please note:
Existing reservations will be honored and will continue through the reservation system as usual, with no impact on guest stays. Billing procedures for existing bookings will remain the same as when the booking was made.
Cancellations can be processed through the portal until October 31, 2021. will only support cancellations after this date, modifications and rebooks for existing reservations will not be accommodated after October 31, 2021.
Please see the HELP section of this site for additional details.
Marriott Wholesaler ID Number
(Formerly Marriott ‘N’ Number)
Welcome wholesalers and tour operators! You may complete an online application to apply for a Wholesaler ID number. Your application must be fully completed and then submitted for review. Upon qualification and approval, a unique ID number is issued which will provide you access to net FIT rates. Rates must be sold as part of a package and are for leisure travel only, not for corporate travel, or groups (10+ rooms/night).